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Involve & reward users

with promotion game & give-away promo codes & gifts


Increase sales

by monetizing the purchase - motivating given-away promocodes


Collect emails

of authorised players and use them for marketing purpose

Don’t just use promotions.
Make your customers love them & keep asking for more!


After authorisation, user picks & flips one of the branded cards & receives a reward (coupon/gift)


The most popular promotion game - Wheel of luck, where after authorisation user spins the wheel & receives the desired reward


A well-known lottery game where user after the authorisation is invited to scratch the surface of the branded field to get the reward

10+ Games coming up next

We’re constantly working on our product line so that your customers could always try new experiences. Twistoo’s long-terms goal is a game kit with dozens of promotions for different marketing purposes

The most effective way to engage and convert users to subscribers, leads & sales

Create free promotion

As the popularity of the gamification techniques grows, with Twistoo promotion games you turn the website’s traffic into maximum subscriptions, leads & sales starting with just EUR 9 per month.

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Design your promotion

This is how your Twistoo promotion game could look like

Release your internal artist! Customize your promotions as a pro 🔥

We knew you’d want to try it out! Let’s pick colours, fonts, layouts & trigger icons.





Accent color

Font color 1

Font color 2

Wheel color 1

Wheel color 2


Rim line color

Designed to look beautiful. As a genuine part of your website.

We’ve handcrafted every pixel to make Twistoo promotion games look beautiful and clean on any device and screen resolution.

The wide range of customization & settings allows you to set up a promotion that looks like a native part of your website.


Explore our clients' success stories

7,000+ sales using promoted coupons in 3 weeks

One of Twistoo's clients from the food & beverage retail industry scored 7,000+ sales with promo codes users won in Twistoo promotion game just in 3 weeks. Want to know how?

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28% distributed promo code to sales conversion scored

One of Twistoo's clients from the e-commerce retail industry resulted with a 28% conversion from distributed promo codes (promo codes users won during the campaign) to actual online sales. Want to know how?

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30% visitor to player conversion achieved

One of Twistoo's clients from the cosmetics retail industry in 1-week promotion achieved a 30% conversion rate from website visitors to promotion game players (people, who agreed to leave their email address to play). Want to know how?

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Rich functionality & analytics

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Informative & intuitive dashboard

We’ve made the dashboard to be maximally intuitive & informative with a segment of actual promotions and analytic tools, such metrics as pageviews, clicks, games, users, devices, browsers & filtering options.

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Choosing a game for the right aim

Choose different games best fitting for your digital promotion – Spinner, Slot machine, 30-second quiz, Scratch out. At the moment only the Spinner game is available, but you can be sure, other promotion games are coming soon.

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Set-up promotions like a PRO

With Twistoo you can set the promotion’s period, game frequency, allowed domains, languages, add gifts and vouchers, manage prize quantity, prize limits, winning changes, add your promo-codes, customize the design, apply branding, manage system texts, game conditions, automatic emails & more.

Why Twistoo?


Max marketing effect


Works on any platform


Quick & easy setup


Lead database export


Branding & customization


Rich functionality


Promotion analytics


GDPR complied

How does it work?

In 5 simple & intuitive steps. Usually, it takes 2-3 minutes to register an account & 10 minutes to create your first promotion game. It’s that easy!


Register your free account

Start now

Set up your promotion


Embed the code


Activate Promotion 🚀


🎯 Get results


Some say the product is illegally cheap because the benefits Twistoo delivers are incomparable to its costs. Some say we’re crazy to put such effort into a product’s design & functionality. Well, probably everyone is a bit right…

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Laura Kalnina

eCommerce director, Latvia

We were impressed by how quick it was to place the widget on our website and about the promotion campaign results. We’ve increased our sales volumes, page visits & session time. This product is definitely a must-have for e-commerce.

1599134611983 2

Beate Varna

Marketing project manager

Twistoo’s Spinner game was popular among our audience during the advertising campaign and positively affected sales volumes. Looking forward to trying new games & features!

119126264 10207800563649955 6240794481775006479 n v2

Sergejs Ivanovs

Chairman of the board

A very useful tool that helped us attract more customers to our website & gather an extremly valuable user email database which is a significant communication channel with our customers.

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What are the key benefits I get with Twistoo?
Twistoo gamified promotions help you engage, entertain and convert your website users to subscribers, leads & prompt sales. Each promotion collects user emails, which you can later use in other campaigns or marketing activities. Also, Twistoo games stimulate instant sales on your website using promo codes that users win during the promotion. With increased user engagement, you also directly & indirectly raise interest in your brand, website & social media.
How do I get Twistoo running on my website?
To activate the Twistoo promotion game on your website, just copy the generated script from your Twistoo account and place it before the closing </head> tag on your website. You can also add this script using Google Tag Manager. The script is automatically generated on the final step when you create your promotion. And of course, make sure the campaign is published and active within the specified date frame.
Should I implement the Twistoo script only once?
Yes, the script needs to be implemented only once. When the script has been added, you can manage promotions from your Twistoo account.
Can I use my promo codes in Twistoo?
Yes, while creating a promotion, you can add a “Coupon” lot which has a field where you can add your promo code that will be shown to the user after winning this lot.
Can I launch promotions on different domains?
Sure, you can launch promotions on several domains. There is no limitation, but all of these domains (including subdomains) must be specified within the promotion.
Can I launch promotions in different languages?
Yes, you can run a single promotion in up to 3 different languages. While creating a promotion, you can specify any languages you would like to use, and then prepare content for them.
How long does it take to create a promotion game?
Usually, it takes up to 10 minutes to set up and customize a promotion. The first one can take a bit longer, though. There is also an option to copy previous promotions & use them as templates, in which case a new promotion can be set up in less than 1 minute.
How can I test the promotion before I launch it?
On the last step of the promotion setup, there is a “Preview” option, where you can check the design, content & play the test games using the email “[email protected]” without publishing the campaign. If possible, we also recommend testing the Twistoo implementation on your website's development/staging environment. In this case, you also need to specify the development/staging domain name in the promotion setup domain field and you may also want to temporarily remove the production domain name if you have already implemented the script in production and don’t want the promotion to show up there. When you're happy with the results, publish the campaign on the main domain & go live.
Can I edit the promotion after it's published?
Yes, but you will need to unpublish the promotion while you implement the changes. To make changes, unpublish the promotion, press the “edit” button, change what you need, and then re-publish the promotion. Please note, that it’s not possible to add or remove languages after the initial promotion setup, but it is still possible to change any wording in those languages.
Can I save my promotions as templates?
You can copy any of the previous promotions and use them as a template for a new promotion.
Can I export game results & email database?
Yes, you can export game results & user email database from your account under the promotion's “Results”. After the promotion has ended, this data is stored for 3 months and then permanently deleted from the database, so make sure you have exported all you need before this.
What about security & GDPR?
We highly value sensitive user data, so we've made Twistoo GDPR compliant. We collect only the necessary information to provide functionality for our services and remove it as soon as it is not needed anymore. Collected information for each of the promotions is removed from the database 3 months after the promotion has ended. We use reCaptcha to make sure that only legitimate users are interacting with your promotion and we block any emails which were previously identified as invalid.
How do the pageview limits work?
In each plan, there is a pageview limit that represents how many times, within a month, the Twistoo widget (or game trigger) will load. Take this into account, while choosing your plan. If you require more pageviews than the Premium plan offers, please contact [email protected] & we will provide you with a custom monthly plan which would fit your business needs.
What if I run out of pageview limits during the active promotion?
Twistoo automatically sends a system notification & email when 80% of the monthly pageview limit has been reached. You can see the current plan usage in the dashboard and top-level menu. You can upgrade your plan at any time to increase these limits. When the monthly limits are reached, any active promotions will become inactive, so we recommend choosing your monthly plan according to planned usage & following up on your limits carefully.
Do you have a free trial plan?
Yes, when signing up to Twistoo, you automatically get a trial plan of 7 days. You can try out the product with all the premium features and 2500 pageviews without billing obligation. We believe you should be able to test the product before making any purchases.
Can I change pricing plans at any time?
Sure, you can upgrade your plan at any time. The downgrade is possible from the next billing cycle. Also, please note that when upgrading your plan within the current billing cycle, already used views from the current plan will be included in the upgraded plan, and the price of the upgraded plan will be reduced proportionally.
Do you have plans on launching other gamified promotions?
Yes, we're actively working on other gamified promotions which will be available soon. Follow our social media accounts for updates.
I love your product! Can I become your partner or reseller?
Sure! Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we will be happy to start a conversation.
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